P. Mauriat Master 97 alto saxophone


Master 97 Series is designed to focused on the requirements of the most demanding players. Master 97 alto brings a very new and different tonal color to our alto saxophone line. The Master-97 features dual alloy construction, utilizing a gold brass neck and sterling silver octave pips. This professional saxophone features extensive hand-engraving and Pisoni Pro pads with synthetic resonators. The result is an instrument with a broad tonal palette, smooth action, and stunning aesthetics.



หมวดหมู่ : All Product Saxophone Alto Saxophone

แบรนด์ : P. Mauriat


  • Professional Class

  • Eb

  • Super VI Neck

  • Gold Brass Neck & Brass

  • Hand Engraved Bell and Bow

  • Mother of Pearl

  • PM Contoured Soft Case

  • Gold Lacquered

  • “Sterling Silver Octave Pips

  • Mauriat x Pisoni Pro Pads

  • All New Design”

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