P. Mauriat Master 97 tenor saxophone


The Master 97T Tenor Saxophone is truly an instrument for ‘all seasons.’ With the patented Super VI neck design, Pisoni professional pads, ergonomically enhanced left and right pinky tables, and traditional French bore taper/bell flare, the Master 97T evokes saxophones of the past which were capable of professional performance in any musical setting. A focused tonal palette, traditional feel and look, and evenness of scale await the discerning saxophonist who chooses the Master 97T tenor saxophone.



หมวดหมู่ : All Product Saxophone Tenor Saxophone

แบรนด์ : P. Mauriat


  • Professional Class

  • Bb

  • Super VI Neck

  • Gold Brass Neck & Brass

  • Hand Engraved Bell and Bow

  • Mother of Pearl

  • PM Contoured Soft Case

  • Gold Lacquered

  • “Sterling Silver Octave Pips Mauriat x Pisoni Pro Pads All New Design”

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